Chef Martin

Chef Martin

The opening of Ariana’s Restaurant has been a life-long journey for me. I have been in the food service industry for over 30 years, a partner in a few ventures, but now it is me and my family in our own business. I enjoy having the freedom to create my own cuisine using ingredients from many of the local farms and influenced by the seasonal harvest.

My passion is fresh, seasonal, high quality ingredients. I work closely with farms in the Upper Valley for much of my vegetables, dairy and some meats. While I still need to source proteins from outside the local community, I source healthy, sustainable and antibiotic-free ingredients for Ariana’s.

Our Ariana’s Favorites menu features many much loved dishes from our 6 ½ years at the farm. This menu will change occasionally, generally with the seasons. The Additions menu, changing weekly, and sometimes nightly, offers me the chance to play, and you the opportunity to try new and varied ingredients and flavor combinations.

Our food is family friendly and the atmosphere casual. We continue to offer our extensive wine list along with local beers, now on tap, and the addition of a full bar featuring creative cocktails created by our bartenders.

We still have limited seating, so reservations are strongly suggested; walk-ins are welcome if there is availability. Thank you for your interest in Ariana’s Restaurant. Please continue to enjoy food, wine and life with family and friends.